How to create the perfect one-of-a-kind mash up phone case design

Are you ready to create your own mash up design? We have a lot of experience with different combos and are here to help guide you in creating the perfect one-of-a-kind design! You can create your own design for any phone size we carry including Apple iPhone, Google Pixel, and Samsung Galaxy models.

Choose a design preference

Some people want us to create a mash up that is completely a surprise, but others want to specify particular colors or design themes. You can indicate your preference when ordering a Mash Up Case. 


Pick your design theme

If you want to give us specific design preferences, then we recommend having a unifying theme in the mash up, whether it's based on colors or design motif, or both! We he hundreds of designs on our site, and most of them are available in multiple colors. If you give us a theme, we can pick designs that will work together to create your vision. 

Here are some examples of different themes and the designs we might pick to use for that mash up:western-girly.png

Pick your mash method

The next choice in the design process is to decide how you'd like the mash up pieced together. We can cut the designs into pieces or we can tear them in order to give a more layered look. Keep in mind that part of the mash up process will create some overlap and blending of design edges during the sublimation process, and torn designs tend to have more whitespace around the individual pieces. You can see some examples below.

Cut Pieces Torn Pieces
mu-cut.jpg mu-torn.jpg


Pick your mash pattern

We can also combine the pieces in various patterns, such as triangles, stripes, or completely random. This is yet one more way to make your mash up completely unique! Some different mash pattern examples are shown below.

We have even played around with using punches and other techniques! Do you have an idea you'd like us to try? Feel free to ask!

Triangles Horizontal Stripes Vertical Stripes Random
mu-triangles2.jpg mu-horz2.jpg mu-vert2.jpg mu-random2.jpg
mu-triangle2.jpg bu-stripes.jpg mu-vert1.jpg mu-random.jpg

Personalize it, too?

As with all of our phone case designs, you can add personalization by adding text or changing colors. A lot of our customers have added their name or other text to one of the designs in their mash up to give the case even more meaning. Some examples are shown below.


Using custom images or photos

Do you want to take the mash up a step further and use specific images instead of or in addition to our designs? This method has been very popular for creating mash ups of personal photos or collages based on favorite celebrities or hobbies. The options are limitless! 

To use specific images, logos or photos in your mash up, just be sure to select the option "Use photos or custom images" for the design preference. You can upload images when you place the order or email them to us at You can also request to mix photos/images with our standard designs as well!



Don't forget to Accessorize!

As with all of our phone case designs, you can get matching grips, card holders, phone charms and even AirPod cases to match! Just add the matching accessories to your cart and we will do the rest!



Get Inspired!

Still not sure what you want to create? We have a couple of blog articles on our first mash ups as well as celebrity mash ups to give you some more ideas!

Share Your Style!

We would love to see what mash up design you came up with! Be sure to tag @abbyrosecases on social media so that we can like and repost!

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