How to attach a phone charm to your case in 4 easy steps

Our phone charms have been extremely popular and we have had a lot of questions about how to attach them to your phone case or where to attach charms on particular phone types. Read on for step-by-step instructions and an instructional video!

Where to attach a phone charm

Some cases have dedicated holes to attach charms, but most do not. Don’t worry, though! You can still use a phone charm either way!

The most common placement, no matter the phone type, is to loop the charm through the mute button opening on the side of the case as shown in the picture below. The string on the charm is thin enough that it does not interfere with the case positioning on your phone.


You can also use the charger opening at the bottom of the case or even the camera opening to attach a charm. The pictures below show an Android phone case with the charm attached on an opening at the top of the case.


Step by step instructions for attaching the charm

Step 1: With the phone removed from the case, feed the string loop of the charm through the opening you’ve selected on the case


Step 2: Pull the string loop all the way through the opening and use your fingers to widen the loop


Step 3: Pick up the beaded end of the phone charm and feed it through the open string loop


Step 4: Pull on the beaded end all the way through to tighten the string loop around the phone case opening


Your charm is now attached and ready for use!


Video demonstration of attaching a charm

Things to check

Try to not pull excessively on the phone charm while using it because this can end up breaking the charm or bending the phone case.

Always inspect the charm string for damage before relying on it to hold your phone!

Removing the charm

To remove the charm, reverse the process described above:

  1. Loosen the knot around the phone case opening
  2. Feed the charm back through the string loop
  3. Pull the string out of the phone case opening

It’s easy to take phone charms on and off, or change them to match your mood!

Make your own charm

Phone charms are a fun accessory and they are fun to make, too! Our DIY charm kits provide complete instructions on how to make your own design along with a step by step instructional video!

Trending phone charms

The phone charm trend started surging in 2021 and shows no sign of slowing down! Check out this live graph from Google to get an idea!

We have a number of phone charms available, including DIY kits to make your own. The most popular charms are shown below!


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