FREE Wallpapers!

We now offer FREE wallpapers to match any phone case design you order from abbyrose! Let us know which design you have purchased, and we will send the wallpaper to you by email or text.

We must be able to verify your purchase of the design on an abbyrose case or accessory. Wallpaper requests are processed several times per week but can take 1-2 weeks to be completed.

Please note we cannot send wallpapers for Mess Up Cases. For Mash Up Cases, please tell us which single design you'd like from your mash up to be on the wallpaper.

To request your wallpaper, fill out the form below and include the following details:

  • Include your order number if you know it
  • Tell us which design(s) on your order you'd like on the wallpaper(s)
  • Tell us if you'd like the wallpaper sent via email or text (US only)

Note: if you previously submitted a request and did not receive your wallpaper, please resubmit! We lost some of the requests during website maintenance and apologize for the delay!


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