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Processing time for Mash Up cases is up to 10 days.
Here's your chance to have a one-of-a-kind phone case design! Pick your own color & design themes and we will make you a case that no one else has!
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Product Overview

What started as a TikTok has now become a trend! Order one of our “MashUp” cases, and we will create a customized mash up of our designs just for you!

Here’s the process:

  • Choose the phone size and case type.
  • Enter your preferences for the mash up. You can request a certain number of designs, a color theme, or a design theme — or you can leave it completely up to us! We will do our best to match your preferences but can’t guarantee specific designs will be included.
  • You can also add matching accessories, but be aware that since every design is a one-time creation, add on pockets, grips or AirPod cases will have unique designs as well.
  • We will pick a set of designs based on your preferences and create a one-of-a-kind case for you!!
  • Please allow extra processing time (up to 10 business days) for orders including a Mash Up case.

Want to see the latest mash ups? Be sure to follow @abbyrosecases on TikTok!

Standard phone cases are sublimated with a vibrant design on an alumninum back plate with TPU rubber borders and grips. The buttons are enclosed and there is a small raised lip on the front of the case to protect the screen.

Wireless charging compatible cases have the same TPU rubber borders adn grips but a plastic back plate allows for wireless charging or addition of a magnet for Mag Safe comptibility. Available for iPhone 12 and up only.

Two-layer protection cases have an outer hard plastic shell and an inner TPU rubber liner with the design sublimated on an aluminum back plate. 

Check out our side-by-side case comparision for more details!

Please take care not to bend the case excessively when taking it off of your phone, and refrain from putting things inside the case, such as credit cards. Doing so can cause the metal plate to flex and pull up from the corners of the rubber border. If you want to carry cards with you, make sure and check out our Rose Pocket card holders!

All designs can be made for all phone types we carry as well as printed on matching accessories.

Warranty Information

90 day manufacturer's warranty. If you have any problems with your order please email so we can make it right!

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90 day manufacturer's warranty

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